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Our Fleet

Our Safety Policy

The priority of Team Logistics is the safety and health of our employees. For our professional drivers at Team Logistics, safety is not an option; it is a condition of employment and we are proud to reward our drivers for operating safely through competitive pay and bonuses.

We are dedicated to the safety and well-being of our employees, customers, the motoring public, and the environment. The primary objective of our safety program is the prevention of accidents, personal injury, and property damage. No operation is worthwhile if it cannot be safely performed. Our Team members actively participate in the safety program to maximize our safety procedures, equipment, and training. Safety is everyone’s business. Our safety goals and the achievement of these goals require the committed participation of every employee. We are a TEAM.

Training Program

At Team Logistics, drivers are provided the training needed to safely transport, load, and unload all types of petroleum products.  After our in-depth Orientation class, drivers are placed with a Team Logistics Certified Driver Trainer for 2 to 6 weeks {depending on level of experience in the petroleum industry} where the emphasis will be on safety.

Our Equipment

By employing professional drivers Team Logistics shows our confidence and commitment to each team member by placing valuable equipment in their care. A condition of employment is abiding by the safe operating policy outlined in the training manual (provided at orientation) and as set forth by the Hazardous Materials Training as required by DOT 49 {CFR} 171-180 {formerly HM126f}.

Team Logistics believes in providing its drivers with the most up-to-date tractors, designed for driver comfort, and equipped with the latest collision mitigation features.  Team Logistics chooses to operate Peterbilt, Kenworth, and Volvo tractors, and rotates these tractors every 3 years to minimize breakdown and maintenance issues common with older tractors.

Technology Solutions

With the everchanging technological advancements we face today, Team Logistics takes pride in providing both our customers and our employees with the most up to date technological solutions to not only improve driver safety and regulatory compliance but to also help streamline customer operations. We currently provide all our drivers with portable iPads and couple them with the most up to date applications ranging from electronic logs and engine data to real-time delivery status and next-day billing. We also equip all our tractors with forward facing and mirror mounted Smart Drive camera system.  This camera system is designed to minimize liability to Team Logistics and its drivers. These solutions not only increase productivity, they allow us to provide better service to our customers and drivers alike.

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