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Our Story
Team Logistics is a joint venture between Mansfield Systems, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Mansfield Energy Corp, and Lincoln Transportation, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Lincoln Energy Solutions. Mansfield Energy Corp is North America’s largest energy supply and logistics provider, and Lincoln Energy Solutions is a 30 year leader in petroleum and alternative fuel delivery. The formation of Team Logistics creates a fuel delivery solutions provider offering safe, efficient and reliable service based on a solid foundation of market leadership and expertise.

Core Purpose
Improving the Quality of Life for our Employees and Customers

Core Values
Integrity, Trust, Respect, Vulnerability and Gratitude serve as the foundation for our business.
These core values define who we are and drive us to serve customers at the highest level.
  • Integrity
    Do the right thing. Honest communication is built on truth and integrity.
  • Trust
    The foundation of healthy relationships. Trust is that tie that binds us all together.
  • Respect
    Respect yourself and others will respect you. Treat others as you wish to be treated.
  • Vulnerability
    The willingness to: accept support, admit imperfections, support and assist others without expecting credit.
  • Gratitude
    Focusing on the good in life and the positive contribution of others.
Service Map