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Frequently Asked Questions and Contacts
Who do I contact for New Business, Freight Service and Freight Rates?
Does Team Logistics offer discounts for contract business?
We value long-term, ratable relationships and offer significant discounts for companies that align with our strategic plan and core values.
I need immediate freight help. What is the Quick Reaction Force?
Who do I contact for Billing and Payables?
Does Team Logistics contract with Owner-Operators?
Yes, Owner-Operators are an integral part of our organization. We believe in the value of their expertise and dedication and often utilize their ability to go where our customers need us most. We offer a Quick Reaction Force is that routinely an Owner-Operator that can quickly relocate to a market in need of immediate assistance. Moreover, by utilizing our shared services platform, Owner-Operators can gain discounts on equipment, fuel, tires, administrative services, etc.
What is the significance or meaning of the “The Obvious Choice”?
We are striving to become The Obvious Choice in our industry. The Obvious Choice starts with recognizing and treating our employees as our number one asset. We strongly believe that becoming The Obvious Choice in the industry will ultimately attract the most dedicated and qualified employees in the business. As such, this will propel us towards becoming The Obvious Choice for companies in need of freight services. In short, treating our people right by abiding by our Core Values will lead to our customers recognizing that we are truly The Obvious Choice when it comes to choosing a freight service provider.
Why does Team Logistics share driver compensation in the public domain?
One of our Core Value pillars is Transparency. We believe in our ability to become The Obvious Choice for those seeking employment in this industry. Abiding by our core values is the differentiating characteristic between Team Logistics and others in our industry.
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